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MOSQUAM start screen
MOSQUAM is a novel, modern instrument which objectively and reliably checks the compliance with quality- and service-standards in a performance- and product-oriented way.
MOSQUAM supports the identification of saving potentials and significantly helps to reduce costs.
The process optimization induce a distinct costs reduction. In the long run the results help to raise the customer retention, which improves the turnover. Both measures will effectivly raise the profit.
MOSQUAM develops strength- and weakness-profiles and visualizes them in form of checklists which document all uncovered "critical incidents". These checklists support the companies in the continuous improvement of all quality standards, because all quality improving actions can be easily and efficiently implemented by the concerned divisions.
MOSQUAM adresses to all service companies that are intrested in objective and continuous quality checks. Especially hotels, airlines, cruise lines and tour operators are using MOSQUAM.
Data for MOSQUAM is collected multimedia-based via PDA. There will be no media break, there will be no more circuitous "paper chaos" and no more comprehensive excel spread sheets have to be filled in.
The rating of quality- and service-chains is effected in a function- (company‘s perspective) as well as in a process-oriented (customers‘ perspective) way to thereby better satisfy the different types of requirements.
MOSQUAM  previously assumes that the responsibles may have a closer look at the service-chain of the own company.
The test-criteria catalogues are variably and flexibly configurable and can individually be adjusted to every company.
Continuous Improvement Process/Value added Process
Due to its intuitively designed program surface MOSQUAM can easily be handled. It can be adopted by different testers.
MOSQUAM supports the performance of biotic (covered) tests as well as an open measuring of service quality. According to the survey-visability, the number of aspects that are to rate can vary.
The transparent and wide documentation of all standards shows development-chances. Thus quality and performance improves in an enduring measurable way.
This guarantees a significant competitive advantage which yields in a higher guest-satisfaction and an increasing rate of repeater-guests.
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